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New JSRE Clean Room
This is where all JSRE engines are assembled.
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The JSRE Mercury Dry Stacking System
More power for your Mercury V6. Click here to learn more!

Dry Stack Tuner Adapter........$225.00


This shop is owned and run by professionals. Racing engines for boats are what we do best. We have our own in-house machining. That means we can give you accurate finish dates and on-time delivery. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for questions about your boat engine needs.



In-House Machining
When we give you a date, it's in concrete. If we tell you 5 days for delivery, you can take that to the bank!

New! Piston Top Dead Center (TDC) Gauge
Forget the clumsy old methods of finding the piston's top dead center location. Use the new JSRE TDC Gauge for easy, accurate, and quick results. Will fit standard plug threads, however, other threads can be made. A high quality instrument for the serious performance enthusiast.

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Piston Top Dead Center Gauge ........$75.00
(Plus freight)

Cylinder Heads
JSRE cuts each head as per CC ordered by customer, not by the "thousandths of an inch"! If requested, JSRE will cut the rear of the head to give them that popular "radial fin" look. All machine-work is done on Bridgeport Mill to insure consistency. All "finned" cut heads can be left stock color or painted the color of your choice.

Cut, CC and Repair Gasketed Heads + Radial Cut - per pair .....$195.00

Cut, CC and Repair OEM "O" Ring Heads - per Pair ......$375

Head Gasket and OEM "O" Rings available......Call for Pricing

Trim Angle Indicator (Mechanical)
On a high performance application you can't rely on electrical gauges to indicate trim angle. JSRE machines a mechanical trim angle indicator out of a 6061 aluminum billet. It uses a Mercury shift cable that attaches to your swing bucket. If you hit the trim, it INDICATES! A must for the racer that wants consistent drag race launches.

Billet Aluminum Trim Indicator w/Cable ........$150.00



JSRE Apparel


JSRE Crew Shirt ........... $20.00

JSRE Ball Cap ................ $15.00

JSRE 5" Decals ..... 2 for $15.00

To order, click here. Type in what you want and send.

(Prices do not include shipping and handling charge of $7.00)



We are a distributor for Tony Doukas Reed Valves Call for best pricing


 2.5 Liter Mercury Performance Pistons

Racer pricing............... $1595 kit



Pictured above Stock Piston on the right and Lightweight modified on  left



 High performance encapsulated light weight wrist pin
Racer net for set (6) .................$195.00




High performance crankshaft double seal rings
Racer net price for set (18) ...........$195.00



8.5mm High Performance Spark Plug Wires
Racer net price.................$39.00


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